Track keywords in any Facebook Group

Follow public and private Facebook groups. Receive alerts and notifications as soon as there is a new post or comment with your keyword even if you are not an admin.

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How it works?


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If only any of the keywords appear in post or comment, you will be notified.


That is all

You will be notified as soon as new post or comment appear on the group.

Monitor facebook groups for keywords

Always before competitors

  • Sell more

    Find out immediately that someone is looking for the services you offer.

  • Track mentions about you

    Put out fires before they escalate.

  • Monitor your competitors

    Monitor your competitors' activity and recommend your services..

gain new clients from facebook groups

Peter Groves

Head of PR Monkeys

We use to track mentions of our customers. Thanks to this, we can react quickly and extinguish fires before they break out for good.

Simple plans

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Best for individuals to test system

  • 1 public group
  • checking new posts: 1/day
  • 1 keyword
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$10$5 /group/month

Best for monitoring public Facebook Groups

  • any public groups
  • checking new posts: 6/day
  • unlimited keywords
  • unlimited posts & comments
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$20$10 /group/month

Best for monitoring public & private Facebook groups

  • any public & private groups
  • checking new posts: 1/hour
  • unlimited keywords & posts
  • instant notifications
  • group members downloading
  • API, Webhooks
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If you need custom functions

  • checking new posts: 1/min
  • downloading all posts/comments
  • other functions you need
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