Posts from Facebook Groups to Discord

sending facebook groups posts to discord


If you're looking to streamline the process of monitoring posts and comments within any Facebook group and effortlessly share that information with your team on Discord, there's a fantastic solution at your disposal:

This powerful tool simplifies the task of staying up-to-date with the discussions and activities taking place in your Facebook groups, ensuring that important information doesn't slip through the cracks.

Few easy steps

  1. Register your account
  2. Add Facebook groups
  3. Add keywords
  4. Go to Discord
    - select channel where you want to receive posts
    - click icon 'Edit channel'
    - go to tab 'Integrations'
    - select 'Webhooks'
    - click 'New Webhook'
    - open newly created webhook and click 'Copy Webhook URL'
  5. Go to Settings paste URL in 'Webhook URL' field and 'Save' settings

How it works?

  1. GroupsTracker is watching Facebook groups
  2. When new post is published you get Discord message with all the details:


    Post content

    Post Url




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