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About Groouply

What is Groouply?

Groouply is an online tool for monitoring Facebook groups.

It's a good service, but this article shows there's something better and cheaper. logo

Why is better?

80% lower prices then
80% lower

Much lower price

$5/group instead of $25 (Groouply) and no minimal monthly fee ($500 Groouply)

Based on a price list ( - 16.12.2021 (screenshot). Now prices are hidden.

free plan & demo - facebook groups monitoring for keywords
For individuals

Free plan & demo

You can monitor 1 public group totally for free.
You can also test all features easily. You don't have to ask us or make any requests for demo. Just register and use.

better quality then

Great keywords monitor

Outstanding search alghoritms, fast notifications, monitoring posts, comments and authors.
Even our competitor probably found the site great, because he wanted to buy it back in full. Could there be a better recommendation?

Just checking if you are selling I'd like to acquire it. Can we get on a call?
Let me know if it's something you might be interested in.
Thanks, Mike
Mike Rubini ( owner), 20.05.2022  frightening and lawsuits  frightening and lawsuits 2
Focus on quality, not frightening and lawsuits

Fair competition

When it turned out that could not buy our site, Mike Rubini(owner) and his lawyers have decided to fight us by intimidating lawsuits rather than trying to do a better service. We enclose a scan of the letter in which they demand that this page be removed and stop comparing with their service.

We belive that customers should know varius options to make a better choice.

Want to start tracking FB groups?

No obligation. 1 group for free. No minimum fee.


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